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UXUI Inc. has 15 years experience in Interaction/User Experience Management, Digital Strategy and Product Management, creating software and major ecommerce sites for exchanges, rating agencies, analytics companies and more. These applications and ecommerce sites were optimized for internationalization, mobile, touch screen and desktop for Fortune 100 companies.

Presently we are working with Prudential on responsive mobile applications and their company wide strategic redesign of all of digital assets.

Previously we worked with Rule Financial Agency for the some of the largest investment banks in the world, leading design teams for Risk Management applications, Derivatives Clearing platforms and Rogue trading dashboards. Before this we worked with NYSE/Euronext as a UX Architect/Senior Product Manager for their next generation exchange trading and management tools. Our experience also includes lead analysis and design for J.P. Morgan’s flagship Treasuries Cash Management Rich Internet Application used for the multi-trillion dollar management market.

Other Lead/Managing UX Design roles UXUI has had include a multitude of complex applications and ecommerce sites such as Thomson Reuters trading platforms, Moody’s Financial rating systems, Commodities and Specialties exchanges, Aetna Patient Health Records systems, and United Health Groups Claims Management systems.