JP Morgan – ACCESS Treasuries Platform


J.P. Morgan Chase has created the global cash management tool ACCESS that serves 25,000 of the most sophisticated global corporate and sovereign treasuries departments for the multi trillion dollar a day cash market. ACCESS consolidates critical information for management of cash balances, daily transactions and information, allowing Treasurers to perform all functions of financial transactions in a single location.

I was contracted to design the Service Requests module for transaction exception handling. Service Requests could be generated for any transaction such as Wires, ACH and FX, multiple transactions, reversals, authorizations and inquiries.



Design Opportunity:  J.P. Morgan was designing a new cash management tool which could handle the most robust client requirements for the modern treasurer. The treasury requirements involved reconciliation for any number of issues arising in processing for the most complex transactions such as global payments of 50 million dollars, chunked into 50,000 dollar increments.

My job was to design a consistent easy to use interface with functionality to handle most international cash management issues.

Methodology: Waterfall, Six-month iterations.

Skills Used:

  • Analysis of Global Treasury and Cash Management products.
  • Task and Work Flow Analysis.
  • Translation of Requirements to Interaction Specifications.
  • Incorporate Progressive Enhancement for Multi Device access.
  • Iterative Wireframe and Specification development.

Example Assignment: Design robust Service Request mechanisms for most possible global transaction issues.

Service Request: Designed to allow maximum flexibility in payment reconciliation.