Merck Pharmaceuticals


Merck Pharmaceuticals is one of the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with over 150,000 employees and partners in over 140 countries around the world.

I was contracted to assist with strategy and user experience design for Merck’s Social Media for the Enterprise suite of communication and collaboration applications. All employees, contractors and partners in Merck used these tools for management, sales, marketing and drug development.



Design Opportunity: NYSE had developed one of the largest data center infrastructures in the world and needed a client-facing tool to leverage this investment, which would also directly promote NYSE Data feeds.

My job was to support highly conceptual business objectives by identifying opportunities and strategies for Social tool best practices, then create usable interfaces and training videos and test these designs for improvements in future releases.

Methodology: Agile, Informal, 2 month iterations.

Skills Used:

  • Analyze 3rd party tools and public social sites’ functionality
  • Strategize Social Media value proposition for the Enterprise
  • Present and iterate upon high-level strategic design with SME’s, management and UX team
  • Design click through Axure wireframe prototypes
  • Test interfaces with Ovo test suite.
  • Iterate through design to gain sign off
  • Support engineering and QA throughout SDLC to GA
  • Develop support material with online documentation and Camtasia video training

Example Assignment: Strategize best practices, design interfaces and validate with usability testing OneMerck portal and Merck Sync Social tools. Merck had decided to execute a holistic strategy across all departments to use social media tools in order to work in a completely new manner, increasing global communication and collaboration.

New Applications: The OneMerck and Sync Social tools for the Enterprise allowed scientists to collaborate around the glob in incredibly flexible ways to improve drug development.



Portal and Social tool Usability Testing: All tools and interfaces were tested with end users using the OVO usability test servers. Findings were analyzed, presented to stakeholders and incorporated into future offerings.

Video Training Production: All From defining best practices through strategy research, I created over 15 support videos for the new tools, on a shoestring budget.