Moody’s Financial Services


Moody’s KMV is a fully owned subsidiary of Moody’s Investor Services. Moody’s KMV develops algorithms for analyzing large amounts of financial data. The tool I worked on was CreditMark software, and is the industry standard tool for valuing the global bank portfolio market, worth over 60 trillion dollars.

I was contracted to bring CreditMark software from “Beta” to “General Availability” release, focusing on interaction deign and usability. I analyzed the CreditMark software interface and requirements for developing features. Next I interviewed and shadowed customers, and continued with testing and interviews through the design life cycle.



Methodology: Rapid Development, 1 month iterations

Skills Used:

  • Analysis of Business Objectives, Redesign Strategy Development.
  • Heuristic Evaluations, Application Audits and Analysis.
  • Integrated Work Observation, Interviews and Testing with Customers.
  • Task and Work Flow analysis and development.
  • Documented application interface architecture using schematics, and wireframes.
  • Developed enhanced user interface standards, usability and design guidelines.
  • Developed Wire Frames, Annotated Diagrams.


Example Assignment: Optimize complex functionality for highly configurable derivatives rating system.

Design Opportunity: Moody’s KMV developed CreditMark software which had bleeding edge functionality exposed in a non-optimized interface. All data displayed at all times, which resulted in important data presented along with irrelevant information.

My job was to design an interface for customization of display with settings which users could save as templates.

New Software Design: Configurable interface