NYSE Euronext is the leading global operator of financial markets and trading technologies, representing one-third of equities trading worldwide.

I was contracted to design and shepherd through the software development life cycle next generation exchange tools, infrastructure and services, used in all trading platforms and products. I lead strategy, analysis and design of Consolidated Tape Products, Complex Feed Configurations, and other offerings. Products I worked on include service cash equities trades, high frequency trading, derivatives trading and other exchange mechanisms.


Methodology: Scrum, 2 week iterations

Skills Used:

  • Analysis and documentation of system as is,
  • Interview stakeholders and their desired enhancements.
  • Development of Agile Scrum Stories
  • Design of annotated Wireframes .
  • Obtain Stakeholder buy in.
  • Support development team and UAT.
  • Shepard Projects throughout the entire SDLC.

Example Assignment: Design highly configurable Data Feeds Management interface for companies such as High Frequency Traders. This interface allowed for users to pivot on data at any point in initial setup or maintenance of configurations.

Design Opportunity: NYSE had developed one of the largest data center infrastructures in the world, and needed a client facing tool to leverage this investment, which would also directly promote NYSE Data feeds.

My job was to design an interface and develop requirements supporting highly conceptual business objectives.

New Application: The new interface design was based on allowing users to pivot on one of three pillars:

  1. User
  2. Feed
  3. Location

These pillars could themselves be grouped with like settings or split out with individual settings. The interface I designed allowed for any pillar to be the “parent” entity, and the children nodes could have a one to one or one to many to many relationships with one or more of the parent nodes. This configuration could then be re-orientated to allow the children to become the parent, and continue the configuration settings.